Customer Success BIM Representative

We are looking for a Customer Success BIM Representative for our Commercial Team situated in Oslo, Norway. If you are a positive, service minded person who loves technology and have experience with BIM (Building Information Modelling), keep on reading!

- If you have everything else, but no experience with BIM: Read more here

Published 02/01/2020 by Christer-André

A little about us and our technology;

We are Dimension10 and we are improving the way people work. It is not easy changing how people perform their daily tasks, but we are convinced immersive technology (VR/AR/XR) will have a profound impact on society in the years to come, just like computers and smartphones when they were introduced. And we want to help our customers to be prepared for this change and be ahead of their competition.

At D10 we have created a state of the art VR collaboration and visualisation software for the Architecture, engineering and construction (“AEC”) industry. Our platform allows our customers to drag and drop their 3D drawings of projects into VR enabling them to experience the project as it was built. Then using VR headsets you can walk around as you were there in real life, either alone or together with colleagues. This caters for more precise discussions between partners and identification of errors not discovered looking at the model on a screen or using collision test software. It is a revolution that will drastically reduce errors when building, currently one of the biggest problems in the AEC industry.

Equally important as better discussion and uncovering errors is the sustainability impact D10 is having on our customers businesses. Several of our customers are holding virtual meetings using D10 instead of travelling. This is something we are very proud and believe will be an important driver for growth going forward.


What does a Customer Success Person do, and where does BIM fit in?

We are building up a Customer Success Team, and their role is to take good care of all our existing customers. As VR is a new technology for many, it is important that our customers have a support team to lean on both regarding VR hardware and software.

Our Customer Success Team`s goal is to reduce churn, increase usage and to do upselling within existing accounts.

As our software supports BIM models (Building Information Modelling), we see the benefit of having one on the team who speaks our customers language and can help them more on a technical level. This will both be a benefit for our customer, but also for The Customer Success Team. It will make it easier for you and us to understand our customers’ needs, their challenges, but also the best way to implement a new technology in their company.

What we would like you to bring to the table;

  • Always putting the customer first.
  • Enthusiasm and curiosity regarding new technology
  • Be able to demonstrate the product to inspire our customers to change their current workflows - VR is new to most, so you will need to be able to communicate its value to a variety of functions and people.
  • Take responsibility for your own, and your teams, customer portfolio.
  • Be able to make, and take, decisions by yourself, and to see what's needed to be done.
  • Experience and knowledge about the AEC industry, BIM and different CAD softwares and share that experience with your team and the company.
  • An ability to work well with a fast changing company and the flexibility to help out where needed.
  • An exceptional team mentality - we win as one at Dimension10

If you also have it would be great to see;

  • Enthusiasm for gaming and/or VR
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Some of our colleagues at Dimension10

So who are you?

  • You have finished one year with BIM studies or have some year’s experience from 3D modelling or as a BIM coordinator. This can be wrapped into different forms, but it is important that you have good knowledge about BIM and different CAD softwares.
  • You have perhaps a couple of years’ experience as a plumber, carpenter, engineer, architect or similar. You have at some point received or created a 3D model and had to do work based on it.
  • As a person you are social and feel comfortable in settings where you have to be in the center presenting to everyone, and you have no problem with small talking.
  • You like to work in a team, but are not afraid to work independently and you are able to make your own decisions.
  • You don’t mind travelling with work and feel comfortable speaking both Norwegian/Scandinavian and English.
  • You have worked in a service profession or in a store of some kind. You know how to speak to customers.
  • Bonus: You are or have been a gamer or have tried VR a lot.

What can we offer you?

  • Joining a young company at very exciting time
  • Highly competent and motivated colleagues wanting to change world and improve how people work
  • Customers that really appreciate your help
  • Recognition for excellence but also a growth plan to develop your career and skills
  • A transparent culture that will challenge you to become an expert in VR and how it will change how people collaborate
  • Offices located in central Oslo, close to Stortinget
  • A strong total compensation package as well as large upside for high performers

Enterprise VR adoption is not a question of “if”, but “when”. If you can demonstrate these characteristics, skills and want to be a driver in Dimension10s company journey we look forward to hearing from you.

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