Head of Engineering

Do you want to lead our top talented engineering division and work on state-of-the-art technology? Dimension10 AS is in strong growth and are now looking for an experienced lead developer that can lead and scale our engineering team going forward.

Published 26/08/2019 by Andreas

About us

Dimension10 AS is a world leading technology company that develops next-generation visualization and collaboration tools in Virtual Reality (VR) for professional use. The software allows users to independently create virtual meeting rooms, include their own 3D models (usually straight out of another CAD application) and invite other people to participate. Once in VR, the participants can explore the model in miniature- or full scale, take measurements, paint and annotate, record findings (with attached text and screenshots) and more.

Our customers include a number of reputable Norwegian and international companies in the architecture-, construction-, manufacturing-, design- and oil and gas industries. In the technical team at Dimension10 we have five primary areas of development:

  • Networking and Security: Making sure security is top priority and all programs talk together and online collaboration flows flawless
  • Graphic optimizing and import of 3D-models, files and performance
  • Features, implementation of tools and features in Dimension10 such as drawing, measuring, annotations etc.
  • Quality assurance
  • User Experience, overall responsibility of VR experience and user friendliness, making sure Dimension10 is as intuitive as the real world.

These individually covers a lot of different technologies, languages and frameworks. All development is done in-house.

Role description for Head of Engineering

As a Head of Engineer you will be overall responsible for the development of Dimension10. You will be holding regular developer meetings and be responsible for budgeting time or development task, allocation of task for each developer and tracking performance. You will also be participating in meetings with customers and be responsible for communication with technical partners. The role will demand that you can lead and motivate a team in both good and challenging times as we are on the forefront of development and often solve problems that has never been solved, which are both rewarding and challenging. As we are continuously growing recruiting will also be an important part of the job, both identifying needs in the engineering department and recruiting for the positions identified.


  • Experience as a lead engineer or similar position
  • Experience as a software engineer
  • Experience with known tools and workflows such as Jira, Git and Bitbucket
  • Experience managing code reviews and general Quality Assurance
  • Experience in tracking and assessing performance of software developers
  • Experience in reporting to management
  • Experience with releasing new and updating current versions of software
  • Experience with system architecture
  • Strong communication and people skills as you will be leading the engineering division and talking to both customers and technical partners
  • Genuine curiosity for and interest in Virtual and Augmented Reality technology
  • Being able to assess and accurately estimate time on various development tasks, delegate the same task and follow up on progress
  • Strong leadership skills (motivating team members, making sure everyone is pulling in the same direction etc).

What we offer

  • Exceptionally skilled and motivated team members with a strong passion for software engineering
  • The opportunity to have a leading position at the forefront of technological innovation at a company with global ambitions
  • The opportunity to further scale and build our engineering department
  • Solid terms and compensation
  • A transparent culture where we all want to succeed together and support each other

Do you want to work with us and meet our requirements? We would love to hear from you! Please send an application and CV to Ingrid@dimension10.com and you will hear back from us shortly.