Zhongnan Center

One of China’s largest real estate developers set to use Norwegian start-up’s VR technology

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Following a competitive evaluation process, we are happy to announce that Zhongnan Center have concluded that Dimension10 (D10) is the best fit for their business use cases. The partnership involves commitments from both parties for the next three years.

Zhongnan Group (which Zhongnan Center is part of) ranks as 78th among the top 500 Chinese companies and 11th among the top 500 private companies.
The Group has more than 1100 projects under construction. D10 being a start-up from Norway on the other side of the globe may seem like an unlikely partner,
so how did this partnership come to fruition, and how do Zhongnan Group intend to use D10 VR?

Before we reveal the answers a proper introduction of their project in mind for D10’s VR solution is in order. The partnership will start with Zhongnan Center which is Zhongnan Group’s subsidiary in charge of one of the world’s tallest constructions. The super high-rise building in Suzhou Industrial Park is a staggering 500-meters tall skyscraper. When completed the skyscraper will contain a hotel as well as residential and office space.

Zhongnan Center were looking for an intuitive VR work tool for BIM, and found it

Zhongnan Center discovered D10 whilst seeking an innovative VR work tool for BIM, construction, and marketing processes. They were specifically looking for VR software vendors who could simplify communication and collaboration on AEC projects. D10’s recent press coverage and PropTech awards on international channels caught BIM Director Jimmy Jin’s interest who included D10 in their evaluation process earlier this year.

Zhongnan Center has a dedicated VR room in their office where they will conduct design reviews by gathering multiple stakeholders from different disciplines into the 3D models. They aim to achieve increased levels of understanding across different disciplines whilst simplifying their cross-disciplinary communication. The VR room will also serve as a showroom for marketing purposes where Zhongnan Center can gather multiple guests in VR simultaneously for immersive experiences in their project.

We are delighted about the partnership with Zhongnan Center and look forward to sharing more about our work together in the future!

«When asked about their first impressions of D10 VR Mr. Jin highlights the visual benefits from experiencing their BIM models in VR rather than just viewing them on 2D screens. Mr. Jin was also surprised about the ease of use and how simple it was for them to just “drag-and-drop” their existing BIM files straight into D10 VR and start exploring the project as if it was already built.»

- Mr. Jin from Zhongnan Center