Architecture / Artec is a leading architecture firm from Bergen, Norway.

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Projects: As architects, Artec collaborate with many different customers. The architects need to communicate their designs in a clear way as it is important for the end customer to have a a clear understanding on how the project will look and feel after completion. Artec have searched for the right VR software for collaboration in order to meet the end customer, explain the designs of their projects and get better feedback.

«One of the benefits of having customers using Dimension10 is that we as architects get better feedback. We also have more efficient meetings since there are no room for misunderstanding and everyone is present in VR with no other distractions. The customers naturally start discussing how they are going to use the building, imagining different situations. That is valuable feedback to us as architects.»

- Martin Isak Jansen, Arkitekt MNAL / BIM-ansvarlig