Case studies

Construction / AF Gruppen is the third largest civil engineering and construction company in Norway with its headquarters in Oslo.

Project: AF Gruppen was working on the E39 project, a road between Kristiansand and Mandal. The first time they have tried Dimension10´s software was to be able to experience a roundabout on the road project. Being in the software, the project managers identified design issues that they were not able to see on 2D screens. Both a sign and a lamp post were moved after the meeting in VR, in order to get better visibility for road users.

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«When just after some minutes spent in Dimension10´s software we were able to identify multiple design issues, just imagine how much time we can save on an entire road project. You get a much better understanding, being able to see the curvatures of the road, and the multidisciplinary coordination needed in tight areas, something difficult to imagine via a PC screen.»

- Rune Huse Karlstad, BIM Manager

Engineering / ÅF Consult is a Swedish engineering and design company within the fields of energy, industry and infrastructure. It was formed in 1895 and is one of the biggest consulting companies in Sweden.

Projects: On the county road 260, north of Lillestrøm, an existing bridge will be replaced by two new ones, one for pedestrians and bikes, and one for cars. The project will be fulfilled without drawings - from engineering to construction - which has only become a method used in infrastructure projects during the past year. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has given ÅF Engineering the task for digitalizing their processes.

ÅF Engineering has done this by creating a comprehensive 3D model of the bridge project, dropping 2D drawings and using Dimension10´s software. Focusing on 3D models, ÅF were able to benefit from Dimension10´s software by experiencing their models in full scale and collaborating on the project with all the different parties involved.

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«We use Dimension10 to identify clashes and check if anything is missing from the 3D model. Doing this, we will be able to identify errors earlier in the process and everyone involved in the project will have an excellent overview over the models. In addition, Dimension10´s software VirtuaView is giving us the opportunity to work in a more collaborative way.»

- Christian Stormyr, BIM-ansvarlig

Architecture / Artec is a leading architecture firm from Bergen, Norway.

Projects: As architects, Artec collaborate with many different customers. The architects need to communicate their designs in a clear way as it is important for the end customer to have a a clear understanding on how the project will look and feel after completion. Artec have searched for the right VR software for collaboration in order to meet the end customer, explain the designs of their projects and get better feedback.

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«One of the benefits of having customers using Dimension10 is that we as architects get better feedback. We also have more efficient meetings since there are no room for misunderstanding and everyone is present in VR with no other distractions. The customers naturally start discussing how they are going to use the building, imagining different situations. That is valuable feedback to us as architects.»

- Martin Isak Jansen, Arkitekt MNAL / BIM-ansvarlig