Technical Designer / Mathias

What is your background?
I've been eager to create things my whole life, started out with arts and crafts as a kid, and then moved my creative endeavors into the digital space when I was around 13. Since then I've been dipping my toes in a lot of different aspects of development as a hobby, such as websites, programming, modelling, texturing, design, animation and so on. I can never learn enough!

Mathias 720

Why did you choose Dimension10?

«Being part of growing a company in such a new industry has been a wonderful opportunity, and it's been a great way to enter the development scene. With our currently small team of developers, we often have to do new things we've never done before for new features, which is very exciting and perfect for me.»

- Mathias, Technical Designer at Dimension10

What are your responsibilities as a Technical Designer at Dimension10?
My responsibilities most often relate to customer experience, visuals, and how the visuals work with the code, but I try to get involved with the new and exciting projects and research when I can. My experience with both the visual side and programming allows me to be dynamic and fill in whichever gaps we have at the time.