VR Hygiene for Virtual Reality Headsets


We believe the future holds more personal VR/AR/XR headsets. In the meantime colleagues are sharing the equipment, and it can be easy to forget to clean the headset properly.. Also when bringing the headset to a conference or a show, it's important to think about VR hygiene. We will here share our pro-tip with you to be more inspired and remember to clean the headsets.

Published 18/05/2020 by Tonje
  1. Wash or sanitize your hands before use
  2. Wash or sanitize the equipment before use
    - To fight viruses it's recommended to use water and soap.
    - To fight bacterias it's recommended to use antibac.
    - Remember to also clean the hand-controllers.
    - To take good care of the screen inside the headsets it's best to wipe it with a fiber cloth.
  3. Wash or sanitize the equipment after use
    - Same tips as under point 2.
  4. If you are using a computer connected to the headset, we would highly recommend sanitizing the keyboard and mouse as well.

Most virtual reality headsets are with foam that can be challenging to clean. We therefore recommend that you buy a leather protector to put on top of the foam that is easier to clean.

For our existing customers who still have headsets with the original foam, contact us so we can send you a VR leather protector and some VR cleaning wipes.