VR-Headsets - Further Tips on Headset Care

In this article we would like to inform you that keeping the VR-headsets lenses away from direct sunlight is something everyone should do, for maintaining the lifetime for your headsets.

Published 22/07/2020 by Christer-André
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We would like to continue on our article from 18/05/2020 where we talked about VR headset care for Virtual Reality headsets.

If you would like to read the previous article on headset care, you can find it here

Direct Sunlight shining directly into lenses can ruin the screens in minutes.
If you have ever used a magnifying glass to burn patterns into paper or wood, you know how powerful sunlight can be.

The lenses in a VR headset and a magnifying glass are very similar.
In the same way as a magnifying glass can focus a tiny point of light, this can happen if direct sunlight hits the lenses.

Even strong light that isn't direct sunlight can over time damage the screens. For this reason we recommend informing everyone using the vr headsets to never put them down with lenses facing towards windows.

Even if there is no sun there at the time of putting the headset down, the suns position can change during the day and cause problems later for the screens.
If possible, it might be a good idea to have a routine of covering the headset between uses.
Either putting a cloth over it, or putting it in a drawer, bag or pouch.

Also please consider the fact that almost every VR headset on the market has plastic acrylic lenses. It is not made out of glass.
This is why we recommend using a microfiber cloth rather than paper. The reason for this is that even if paper feels soft to us, it is still abrasive at a microscopic level since it actually has wood fibers in it. It's kinda like rubbing tiny pieces of wood on the lenses.

This is also the reason why we recommend putting on the headset like a diving mask.
Headset directly onto face, then pull strap over head.
When putting the headset strap on and pulling the headset down, the lenses are bound to be smudget by hair/forehead or even glasses.

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