Our new cloud-sharing solution will make BIM-life a lot easier for all our customers!

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We are proud to announce a brand new feature that will make BIM-life a lot easier for all of our customers. Gone are the days where you had to make sure guests have the 3D-models or any other files in advance.

Published 12/10/2020 by Christer-André

Our new cloud-sharing solution is a feature that will benefit alot of our customers. The new feature will roll out in a few weeks.

This will greatly reduce the work required prior to having meetings in Dimension10, and undoubtedly, will allow you to have more frequent meetings. Especially if your guests are not as experienced as you.

Cloud sharing is entirely optional, but enables the automatic transfer of all files in the room you set up to guests who are allowed into it.

Import time

Some questions have been asked regarding import times with the new cloud sharing system, and we are thrilled to inform you that it in most cases it will be just as fast.

In many cases, if you have 15mbit or faster internet connection, the loading time will even be faster for guests using cloud sharing versus loading from local drive.

The reason for this is that the host of the room generates a proprietary file format that is then zipped and encrypted. The zipping shrinks the file, while the proprietary format has significantly faster load times compared to the original format.



We have taken great care in making sure your models and files are safe.

All users have to be signed in to get access, and if joining by “cross company collaboration” the host of the room need to accept a request to enter room before the files are shared.

On top of our sharing format is proprietary and hard to read with other 3Dmodel viewers, the model files are also encrypted end-to-end.

The current version currently does not encrypt pdfs, videos or other non-3d model formats shared.

After the room is closed or guests exit the room the files are deleted.

More details here LINK for anyone interested in the more technical details around security and the sharing pipeline

How to enable Cloud Sharing

Cloud sharing of files is off by default, and you have to turn it on to test it out.

Video here:

Simply click x in the room settings window (show illustration) to enable sharing all the files you have put into the room.

The guests will not have to do anything after you have turned cloud sharing on, simply click the room in the room list to join it and wait for the loading to finish.

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