MIRIS - The perfect time for VR meetings with their colleagues in Warsaw

In this current corona virus situation, we need to try to make the best out of the situation, and keep the business going as far as possible, even though all our colleagues are working from home offices. When this pandemic is over, we need to be ready to return to normal operation as fast as we can. MIRIS AS is a new customer of Dimension10 and they have already used Dimension10’s VR software extensively. There is no doubt that MIRIS as a company is technology driven, and innovation is a core value for them.

They turned around in no time and conducted their scheduled meeting in Dimension10. Tom Holbein - Digital Interaction Lead - from MIRIS was on Friday based in Larvik using a VR headset. His peers from Salvange, who are all working from home in Warsaw, used Dimension10 Desktop Mode to participate. Usually they too have access to VR equipment at their office, but being at home did not stop them from joining the meeting. The project they are working on now, which was discussed during this meeting, is called Svart and is the world's first energy positive hotel! Read more here: https://miris.no/2020_svart/. The architects from Salvange are responsible for the outdoor part of the project, and as you see from the video, that is what they are discussing.

There was no better time to try out their first VR meeting across borders
than today, using Dimension10 as a tool to keep their project progressing and their workforce connected. It was also decided during this meeting that they will continue to use Dimension10 as a meeting platform going forward. When the pandemic crisis is over, this will also enable them to continue to reduce costs associated with travelling between Oslo and Warsaw.

Published 23/03/2020 by Tonje
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