Link Arkitektur sees the value of VR, and implements the technology for future projects

"We clearly see the advantages of using Dimension10 as a work tool. Especially in our hospital projects where our employees are often located all over the Nordics."
Arno De Ryst, Head of BIM and digital development at LINK Arkitektur

Published 08/03/2021 by Torbjørn H.
Vesteras Sykehus

LINK Arkitektur is one of the five largest architecture offices in Scandinavia and sees more and more the importance of being able to use good digital solutions and tools to ensure even more efficient and sustainable operations.

Through its previous projects, architecture awards and nominations, LINK Arkitektur has clearly painted a picture of the company valuing sustainability and the environment and points out that good use of smart solutions is important in order to meet competition, satisfy customers' needs, and macro-changes and restructuring in society.

With its 500 employees located around 15 cities in Scandinavia, LINK Arkitektur believes that VR can be a tool that helps to meet its colleagues more easily around the projects and 3D models, to be able to conduct more effective design reviews, while they want to minimize risk and protect the environment by reducing travel.

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Increased efficiency in meetings and communication

Design and planning meetings are ongoing activities such as LINK Arkitektur uses to understand their models more clearly. In such meetings, one often goes through the 3D models to uncover collision points, review and act on general design. That you set up ongoing points for changes and approvals. By using Dimension10's VR solution, LINK Arkitektur wants to increase the efficiency of meetings and improve communication across departments and offices.

LINK Arkitektur plans on reducing the number of meeting trips by 50%

By using Virtual Reality as a work tool, it can be estimated that LINK Arkitektur will be able to save 50% in travel costs related to meetings related to the 3D models they work with, this is because LINK Arkitektur has the opportunity to do all the necessary review directly in Dimension10’s virtual arena.

For example, LINK Arkitektur will now be able to frequently call in design and planning meetings by setting up a VR room in a few minutes, where colleagues from different offices can meet to effectively collaborate and review the 3D models for the various projects.


LINK Arkitektur connects the end-user through virtual reality.

Virtual reality as a work tool is not only about streamlining internal operations and collaboration, but at the same time being able to offer end users and third parties a better understanding of the building projects by showing models through VR. It is now known through various research articles and for example through the VDC report from Stanford University, that 75% will be able to understand various problems better by using Virtual Reality as a work tool.

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