Dimension10 and Bimsync Combine BIM and VR for Better and More Effective Collaboration

Providing the end user with easy access to enriched 3D models with all the latest updates in real-time is the core of the new integration between Bimsync and Dimension10.

Published 10/04/2019 by Torbjørn H.
D10 Bimsync

The models are transported from Bimsync via the new integration into the Dimension10 platform, so end users can access them for VR meetings in a simple and secure way. All parties will have the most up to date version in real-time. This combines and solves some of the big challenges of today in a simple manner: the collaboration becomes much more effective, and all project parties will get an immediate overview of the model.

“Dimension10 is excited to partner with Catenda, to give our mutual customers the best possible platform to work with 3D models and at the same time achieve an even better connected virtual ecosystem for sharing and experiencing information in VR,” says Mike Connors, Commercial Director of Dimension10.

"It is inspiring to partner with Dimension 10, allowing fantastic VR access to all models in Bimsync. This is part of our vision, using open standards to bring data to users so their decisions become data-driven. We look forward to our continued collaboration, and to see the effects of the industry becoming more digital,” says Håvard Brekke Bell, CEO of Catenda, makers of Bimsync.

Successful construction projects rely on the most up to date access to models and data, whilst being able to experience these models to make decisions in real-time. Dimension10 and Bimsync make this connection possible with an intuitive integration. The 3D models from Bimsync go directly into the Dimension10 platform in Virtual Reality and give instant access to up-to-date models and data. The whole project team can collaborate in real-time and together achieve a greater understanding of the 3D models by experiencing them in 1:1 size as if they were constructed in real life.

About Dimension10:
Dimension10 is a Norwegian software company that has developed a collaboration platform for Virtual Reality. The platform allows direct import of 3D models to VR so the users can experience the models as if they were constructed in real life, something that makes it easier to detect mistakes and discuss solutions. Dimension10 was recently named one of the three best solutions in the world for "Data Visualization & Decision-Making" by Laval Virtual.

About Catenda:
Catenda makes Bimsync, a collaboration platform built on open standards for collaboration through the life cycle of a building; from idea and design via construction and management to renovation and demolition. Bimsync is used by the construction industry in more than 60 countries worldwide. Catenda is a Norwegian software and innovation company spun out of SINTEF Byggforsk.