Dimension10 2020.1 is now released

Nw integration

Navisworks integration, Oculus improvements, drawing improvements and much more!

Published 14/04/2020 by Matias

Autodesk Navisworks integration

Nw integration

We have developed a plugin for Navisworks that allows you to export your Navisworks projects to Dimension10.

Compared to the default FBX import, the exported models will be more optimised for use in Dimension10 (faster import time + better performance on large models). It also fixes a few issues that some of you might have experienced with the FBX export (missing geometry).

For those of you who have very large and complex models (50-300 million triangles), this release features a new LOD (Level Of Detail) system. The LOD system will make sure you get an acceptable FPS on large models, by only rendering the most important parts of them (large and near) and hide faraway objects.

You can make adjustments to this system under "Graphics settings" in the settings tab in the VR menu

Oculus improvements

With Oculus gaining more and more popularity, we decided to implement some improvements to the usability of the Oculus controller in Dimension10.

You can now teleport and more around using the joystick, without having to press it. Simply move it forward or to the side to move around. Previously you had to press it, which could be uncomfortable for the thumb.

Another issue we had with the Oculus controller was the sensitivity of the grip trigger. Unintentionally touching the grip trigger would cause the cross section tool to be activated. Since the cross section tool is rarely used in full scale, we have now disabled it in full scale on Oculus controllers (this does not affect Vive).

Drawing improvements

Drawing Context Menu

The quick tools menu (attached to your arm) now has a new context menu when the drawing tool is enabled. Here you can "undo" and "rendo" parts of your drawings, or "delete all".

Bugfixes and improvements

  • Support rendering of very large models by only rendering the most important (near/large) meshes.
  • Improved mesh combining: You can expect better performance when viewing parts of a large model in fullscale.
  • Laser is now matching for remote users when using Oculus controllers.
  • Models use less video memory.
  • Avoid OOM crash when loading large models.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the model importer.
  • Models are no longer rendered during import. This should give you a better experience during loading.
  • The camera tool no longer cuts off nearby geometry.
  • Optimised cross section renderig.