Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Video Conferences and Virtual Reality Meetings with Desktop Mode

Making the change from 2D to 3D requires some effort from the companies, a good thing to have the desktop mode as a middle step in the right direction, delivering improved visualization and understanding, resulting in increased collaboration for everyone involved.
Published 14/04/2021 by Torbjørn H.
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Working from a home office can be extremely demanding when the building projects is highly advanced and intellectual, resulting in a need for a common virtual meeting place where employees can discuss, visualize concepts, express their creativity, while also receiving a much greater and more life-like feeling than the traditional video meetings can supply.

The surge in demand for Virtual Headsets and Virtual experiences has drastically risen throughout the pandemic, not only because the consumer now has a greater lust for experiences from the comfort of their home, but also in the professional field where employees have been forced to find and implement new technology that can aid and even improve the efficiency from employees that now find themselves further apart from their colleagues / stuck in home-office.
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The rise in demand for Virtual experiences can also be linked to the advances the developers of virtual reality headsets have made this last year. Stand-alone devices such as the Oculus Quest 2, delivered by Facebook, have recently sold over 2-3 million units, proving the improved accessibility, and adoption, in Virtual Experiences - Making virtual reality far more accessible.

Using Dimension10 helps to anticipate issues earlier in the project life cycle. One way this can be done is through increased and improved team collaboration, while simultaneously increasing the knowledge and understanding for all engaged.

When teams can communicate properly, efficiency and consistency rise. Ultimately leading to improved quality in projects. Efficiency is boosted and engagement is increased!

Not all employees have their own personal VR-headset, and therefore the need to bridge the gap between traditional 2D-surface meetings and drawings with 3D-surface meetings and drawings, is apparent.

True-to-Life interaction and video meetings, for everyone.
Joining a meeting in Dimension10 using Desktop mode enables the participants to freely tag along with the representative of the meeting, experiencing a much more true-to-life meeting,

Desktop enables participants joining from both Virtual Reality and from Desktop mode to have joined sessions, this is important in scenarios where you would like to present from VR to multiple people without the need to acquire all those headsets.

Low input – Great Output
Joining a virtual meeting in Dimension10 from a computer using Desktop mode does not demand that much from your computer. You remove the need for VR-ready hardware and still get a far more visualized and informative output from the meeting.
With the ability to move freely around in the models, inspecting the speakers' point-of-view. Being present in both the VR-lobby and in your building projects experiencing 1:1 True-scale, resulting in a more transparent information flow between colleagues and disciplinaries.

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Virtual Reality - Visualization and Collaboration for your Company!