Dear customers and partners who have been a part of the D10 journey so far, today is a big day.

At the same time as I write this, it has become public that Dimension10 now has become part of Varjo, the world’s leading industrial VR/XR company.

Published 24/06/2021 by Aleksander
Press Image for Varjo Reality Cloud 2

For you, the users and customers of Dimension10, this is great news.
In the very short term, you will experience little change, the product can be used as it is today, on the equipment you have available.

In the medium and long term, you are likely to experience several changes. We will get back to you with details, but being a part of Varjo means far more resources than we have had available until today to develop faster and deliver even better 3D collaboration.

In parallel with the acquisition of D10, Varjo has announced that it is developing “Varjo Reality Cloud” – a pioneering platform that will revolutionize the use of VR/XR technology and usher in a new era of universal collaboration.

Varjo Reality Cloud will make it possible to use headsets without a PC while giving the user the opportunity to scan their surroundings live, transform this into a virtual 3D model and invite other users “into” this 3D model – all in real-time. Dimension10 will be a key part of this investment that will ultimately make fully-fledged virtual teleportation a reality.
The combination of Varjo and D10 means that the world’s leading VR / XR hardware and software now join forces. And we will make sure that you – our customers and partners – will enjoy the most realistic and efficient tools as we bring to life our exciting vision for the future. We look forward to the journey ahead together with all of you.

Read the full press release from Varjo here: