Construction City adds another dimension

Published 16/09/2019 by Tonje

Construction City is one of the most exciting new ventures in the Norwegian construction sector. It aims to push innovation and be one of the world leading clusters within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries (“AEC”) by connection a large number of industry companies within it’s impressive 80.000M2 office building in Oslo. This will become the benchmark and showcase best practise solutions for the industry.

IMG 0073
Benedicte Økland, CEO of Construction City

Dimension10 are delighted to be partnering with Construction City, where all members will have access to the Dimension10 VR platform in the new cluster collaboration room. The aim is to provide the best quality technology to all members, allowing them to explore new ways of working and understand how they can implement these to their own workflows, adding significant value to their business.

IMG 0070
Daniel Kjørberg Siraj, CEO of OBOS

Dimension10 is the market leader for virtual reality software, where users can experience their 3D models as intended, in 3D. We work with many of the largest construction firms in Norway and beyond, saving them significant costs by preventing rebuild work through more accurate model reviews, as well as time and cost travelling by using Dimension10 to host virtual meetings between locations.

Aleksander Langmyhr, CEO of Dimension10: “We are incredibly proud to be working with Construction City. It is a fantastic project and all the companies in the cluster are very clear on how important digital tools will be for them going forward. We very much looking forward to sharing our expertise and to help all of the members make use of the D10 platform in order to exploit VR technology to improve their businesses”

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