Bjerking implements extended reality as part of a digitalization strategy

Bjerking has entered into an agreement with Dimension10, implementing
extended reality as part of a strategic digital transformation strategy.

Published 25/05/2021 by Torbjørn H.
Virtual Design meeting

Bjerking initially reviewed several providers of XR but chose to move forward with

As Bjerking is continually working with 3D Point Cloud scanning (LIDAR Technology), the ease of use and import of Point Cloud files made Dimension10 a suitable provider for future 3D workflow.

“When we perform installations in housings, we hope it will be more effective to start with a point-cloud scan that can be brought to D10 for quick review and design planning, without the need to spend a lot of time optimizing the file for VR”
says Gustav Berglund, team leader digital information management at Bjerking.

Bjerking has several fields of expertise, delivering services and consultation in outdoor projects such as bridge construction, landscape architecture, water and sewage, just to mention a few, making VR an interesting and beneficial tool for internal workflow, as well as bridging the communication gap between client and consultant, or between collaboration partners in projects.

What really caught Bjerking’s attention toward Dimension10 was the ease of use, being able to import point cloud scans directly into Dimension10 without the need to adjust the models any further before making them VR-ready.

Another great feature from Bjerking’s point-of-view was the life-like avatars that can be found in Dimension10. Having the avatars following even your smallest changes in posture, apart from static avatars, makes the meetings and interactions more true-to-life, an important part of humans' basic need, having the Virtual meetings fit the reality, resulting in more comfort and improved visualization.

Dimension10 is apart from many other contributors in the XR segment, a stand-alone application that also includes several integrations and support for different File formats (.FBX, .IFC, .OBJ, .Step) which was also a good reason for Bjerking to move forward with Dimension10.

Digitalization is key

Bjerking is focused on maintaining its competitive advantage and investing in the company's digital transformation. As BIM is a relatively new term in the industry, it was easy for Andreas Lundberg, BIM-Coordinator and BIM-strategist, to see the fit between BIM-methodology and VR work-flow;

“We already see clear advantages in inspecting and reviewing BIM-models in VR. Traditional reviews on 2D-screens, especially in small in-door environments, doesn’t work that well, and having the option to bring these projects into VR highly benefits the team, as we see great differences in going from 2D to 3D in VR.”

Virtual Design meeting

Digitalized workflow supports sustainable projects

A key focus for Bjerking is to behave environmentally conscious with a focus on sustainability in their projects. Using D10 in their workflow will quite possibly result in a lesser impact on the environment. D10 can aid in reduced building costs, a greater and more transparent understanding of the projects between different occupational areas, as well as giving the employees a higher yield in focus and retention of information shared in the meetings.

XR in Bjerking, moving forward

Bjerking has since before the pandemic been highly interested in the implementation of XR and is now in a first stage where they will keep using the technology and apply it on different fields, with a long-term plan of finding several user cases where XR can benefit the workflow. lt's not easy to implement such new technology in the midst of a pandemic, and after the summer Bjerking is planning on setting up VR rooms in their offices at Uppsala and Stockholm, where employees on each office site can set up meetings and collaborate better on specific projects.

lnterest in AR is also something that is gaining more and more interest in the segment, where project leaders and employees on-site find positive benefits of having D10's AR application ready to go on-site. Dimension10 is eager to start a long and fruitful collaboration with Bjerking, to benefit both parts in the future making XR even more beneficial and accessible for all stake holders.

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