World leading experts

Dimension10 is a Norwegian software company working with the AEC industry. We are changing the way people collaborate around and interact with 3D / BIM models. We allow users to remote collaborate and experience the models rather than viewing them on a flat screen, being present together.

«If you want to wear a suit while being professional that is fine, but most of us don't.»

Our solution is a revolution for the industry - leading to vast improvement to the quality of the models, faster construction projects, less building mistakes and rework and less travel due to virtual collaboration.

But as we all know, revolutions do not come without cost. Dimension10 represents a significant change in the way people work - using VR/AR headsets. And for many of us, changing the way we work is intimidating. We understand this. That is why we have developed a robust program for implementation and follow up with our customers. And it is the reason why we base all our interaction with customers, and any other stakeholder we interact with, on the following mission principles:


A person with integrity is honest, with strong moral principles and uprightness. Integrity comes from the Latin “integer,” whole. Integrity means our word is full, whole and complete. A person with integrity is one who is whole and complete.

For Dimension10 having integrity means doing the right thing in a reliable way. All employees at D10 must have moral compass that doesn’t waver. And all stakeholder must know that everything being delivered by D10 is delivered full and complete.

Working with new technology, and potentially changing the way many people work, it is important that D10 customers and partners can rely on us to give them the best possible guidance through their XR adoption journey. D10 are open about challenges and don´t cut any corners to meet short term goals. We are in this for the long term and know that integrity is a crucial guiding value to get us there.


Zhongnan Center implements VR for their 500-meter tall skyscraper project.

Pioneering work or a pioneering individual does something that has not been done before, for example by developing or using new methods or techniques.

As a company we are curious on all opportunities that arise from a maturing XR technology. We are fearless in diving into the challenges of making something exiting into something useful. We are pioneering since we are moving first, not knowing what lies ahead. We know it is hard work venturing into the unknown, but we are up for the challenge.


Empathy is being able to put yourself into someone else’s place and see their perspective.

At Dimension10 we visit virtual worlds every day. But many of our customers have never had a VR headset on their head before being introduced to D10. We know taking on a headset for the first time can feel strange and scary. Suddenly you are inside a virtual universe, a place you have never been. And you don’t know how to behave. Or talk. Or walk. All the people at D10 understands this experience and we take pride in making everyone feel comfortable exploring new technology by taking the time to guide and assist, making the transition into a virtual world a fun an exciting process.


Creating or taking charge of a situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened.

We take pride in finding solutions. We don’t wait to be told what to do. We find out what needs to be done and do it. And we do it in a professional manner. If you want to wear a suit while being professional that is fine, but most of us dont

Partially humble

A humble person is a growing person who is quick to read, invite feedback, and ask good questions. A humble person is at peace with themselves and others. Humility embraces contentment and simplicity. To be humble is not to think less of oneself, but to think of oneself less. As a result, they maintain stronger personal and professional relationships.

At D10 we are very good at what we do. Amongst the very very best. And we say it out loud. So, we can’t claim to be 100% humble. But we are humble, at least to some extent.