World leading experts.

As a company, we have been waiting for the virtual reality technology to catch up with us. And while others now experience VR for the first time and start thinking, we have been thinking and preparing for more than a decade. That is why we are world leading experts.

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We know VR will become commonplace in the workplace. Any company working in industries related to construction and manufacturing will be using VR for discussing and visualising design. And that is only the beginning.

Through exploiting the full potential of your 3D-models using the D10 platform, companies will find a significant increase in creative problem-solving, resulting in faster, better and more accurate discussions and design process, locally and globally, with the potential to significantly increasing both revenue and profits.

And as long as companies work with us and our solutions, we can guarantee you will always be ahead of your competitors.

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Dimension10’s mission is to become the Infrastructure for collaboration in virtual reality. Our goal is to develop and deliver the simplest software platform for our customers, to experience their 3D models as they are intended, in 3D.

Smart phones and computers have previously occupied the top spots for the main computing platforms for workplace technologies. But moving existing business workflows focused on 3D content to the medium of the head mounted display provides unprecedented possibilities for value creation. Guiding customers through this transition and onto a virtual platform is what our team does.


The Dimension10 team’s high level of knowledge is based on over a decade of experience working with virtual reality technology. It is a position that future proofs our software whilst quickly being able to apply our learning of implementing virtual reality software into large enterprises across a number of verticals.

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