Experience future projects today

Avoid costly mistakes by improving mutual understanding - start collaborating on your BIM projects using D10

Get your model-data through integrations or standard openBIM formats

Drag and drop models into D10 and convert to VR in seconds

Experience your models as an avatar together with remote colleagues

Three great reasons for you to start using Dimension10:

Improve Collaboration

Being present together in a building that is not built. Without the need for travel or any off the typical meeting distractions. And interact as easy and intuitive as you do in real life. That is what D10 can offer and why we can guarantee better collaboration.

Increase profit

Using D10 as a workflow tool will enable you to identify more errors at earlier stages in the projects. This is proven by the Virtual Design and Construction (“VDC”) thesis through Stanford University. This will again lead to a substantial reduction in delays/errors for the entire project delivery and significantly improve profitability.

Work more sustainable

Meetings using D10 are more sustainable, less time consuming and less costly than traditional project meetings. Reduce the overall environmental impact by your company while at the same time increase productivity and collaboration.

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