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Dimension10 provides state of the art collaboration and visualization software for the architecture, engineering and construction industry (“AEC”).

Using off the shelf Virtual Reality hardware, our software platform enables professionals to import 3D-models and instantly work with them in virtual reality, with any other users, anywhere in the world.


Use your preferred 3D modelling tools to create your design. Our platform support models from industry standard tools like Autodesk, Catia, Revit, Maya, Solidworks, 3DS Max and many more.


Make your design available in our platform using “drag and drop” functionality. Then create a virtual room with your model by pressing one button and you are ready to explore. It is as easy as it sounds.


Manipulate, analyse and discuss your designs in a truly 3D-environment, either at your own or together with colleagues. Inspect the design in a smaller version to get an overview or scale it to full size and walk around.

Integrate VR-capabilities into your existing workflow in minutes

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Harness all the benefits of VR

Unlock new insight and ideas by exploring your 3D prototypes from all views and angles, while scaling, cutting, measuring and recording with simple and intuitive gestures.

Discuss and collaborate faster and more effectively by working together on 3D models. Avoid misunderstandings and optimise communication enabling less time spent on meetings and faster decision making.

Communicate the full potential of your designs by presenting your work an engaging and impressive way. Instead of viewing your 3D design on a 2D screen, take a virtual tour with colleagues and customers making them feel as your design was already built.

Save on both time and money associated with physical travel, by meeting in virtual space instead. Discussing 3D-models using "share screen" is cumbersome and difficult, our software allows you to virtually meet dispersed colleagues all around the world, discussing your 3D design as you where present together with a prototype.