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We are eager and inspired to join forces with Varjo, a company focused on creating the world's most advanced immersive experience.

As this page will soon be teleported to varjo.com, we hope you'll continue following our journey through Varjo's human-eye resolution lenses. We promise you it's a good view!

Get your model-data through integrations or standard openBIM formats

Drag and drop models into D10 and convert to VR in seconds

Experience your models as an avatar together with remote colleagues

Great reasons for you to start using Dimension10:

Increase the understanding of your BIM data

By using VR technology for reviewing 3D models, you will immediately get a realistic impression and better understanding of the construction project.

Drag & Drop your IFC files or find your models synced through our integrations.

You can easily drag & drop your files directly in to D10, or find your models already synced up through our integrations with Interaxo and Bimsync. Helping you to experience your 3D files in a matter of seconds!

No need for physical meetings

Dimension10 reduces the need to be physically present on the construction site, which saves both time and costs.

Intuitive menu and user experience

Walk through your construction models in full scale, or experience them in a miniature version to give a broader overview.

User friendly menu

Users of Dimension10 state that the solution is both simple and fun to use, and contributes to increased focus in meetings.

No distance is too far

You can visit the construction project alone, or with colleagues anywhere in the world. VR technology allows for closer collaboration no matter where you are placed.

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